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Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring forward the best in research and publications from independent researchers in a number of different fields and subjects areas from around the World to give us several different perspectives about our reality. 

"How to use Avidemux" Book

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Although Avidemux is an open source program with a very simple graphical interface, it is a very powerful tool for those who are interesting in nonlinear video editing and video converting.


Open Source Software

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With many companies and government organizations that now switched to the open-source software such as Linux, it's becoming increasingly clear that price is not the only advantage such software holds.


Realitas Publishing

Today when we think about Researching we normally have a tendency of imagining a big structure or a corporation built on top of great resources and a considerable amount of investment to achieve a great broad of fields in science, media, and information technology.

Although Realitas is a great set of all these ideas and concepts, at the same time it is a small optimized organization with a potential and balance equivalent to an atom. 

Avidemux on Linux or Windows?

Although Avidemux works in Linux the question is, do I need it on Linux or can I do the same in Windows?



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Avidemux is compatible with Windows under the GNU GPL License, Linux, BSD, and Mac.

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Avidemux Tutorial Sample

This is a free sample from "How to Use Avidemux" available for free download.

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Easy access to Information

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Today the internet is a vast ocean of data. But to find a core place for mining data sometimes is not a straight forward task. Easy access to reliable information today can be a very difficult task but not with Realitas.

Realitas Unlocking Puzzles

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Sometimes we come across with some apparently impossible challenging to be achieved. But most of the times what seems impossible is achievable when we organize and simplify.

Great Publications

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We try to bring the best publications in a broad range of subjects from valuable authors around the World.

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