How to Crop Videos

This filter crops the video where we want.

In order to do this, we need first to add the Filter in the filter options.

First we click on the video and filters in the main menu.

fig 1


Then we choose the filter Meta filter group in order to add the new filter.


fig 2


Now we click on the button  fig 7     to configure the filter and add it to the video.

We have then a “Crop” window opened where we can set up the new size of the video file.


fig 3

After we choose the new file size during the crop process, we see a “Green mask” around the video. The Green area around will be discarded or cut off from the video after we crop the video. This area increases in size around the video since we increase the Left, Right, and Top and Bottom options in the Crop window.


fig 4


Then we click ok, and we can preview the crop video file by clicking on the “Preview” option.


fig 5



fig 6

Then we can save the video file with the new cropped size.

fig 8

Avidemux Tutorial Sample

This is a free sample from "How to Use Avidemux" available for free download.

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