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Author: Danny Dorling
Binding: Paperback
Brand: London Publishing Partnership
  • Ella Furness

Studio: London Publishing Partnership
Label: London Publishing Partnership
Publisher: London Publishing Partnership
Manufacturer: London Publishing Partnership
List Price: £9.99
Price: £9.99
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Product Description: The aim of this book is to inspire a better politics: one that will enable future generations to be happier. Greater well-being and better health should be the goals - rather than wealth maximization. We need to value health-care more than hedge-funds, caring above careers, relationships more than real-estate. Happiness is the avoidance of misery, the gaining of long-term life satisfaction, the feeling of fulfilment, of worth, of kindness, of usefulness and of love. The book is about what makes most of us happier, but it is also about the collective good. We cannot truly be happy if those around us are not happy. Individualist attempts at self-improvement - or only looking after yourself and your family - do not work in the long-run. This book looks at the evidence for a successful politics that would promote happiness and health. It suggests policies that take account of this evidence. Government can and should work to make us happier.


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