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Do I need an ISBN?

First what is an ISBN?

ISBN is an International Standard Book Number. It is a product number used by publishers, booksellers and libraries for ordering, listing and stock control objective purposes.

We need an ISBN number if we want our book to be printed or sold in a traditional retail market or mainstream online channel. Each country has and supplies its ISBN number via organizations responsible for issuing the number. In the UK, for example, we have Nielsen, which is responsible for the UK ISBN numbers.

If we go for self-publishing, we will need to buy a set of 10 ISBNs ourselves. In the UK, for example, we can use Nielsen but in the USA we use Bowker and Canada we use Library and Archives Canada.

Distribution of Self-published book

After we finish our book, the review of it and go through to all the pre-processes of publishing, we need to decide how we are going to publish our work.

One thing we need to have in mind “Distribution of a book is a very complex and big business” so we cannot create our distribution system and compete with big distribution companies unless we have a big company as well. So we need to go for other efficient methods to distribute our work.

As we mentioned before, we can choose publish-on-demand if we want to print the book inside an affordable budget. But we can go for an e-book before we publish a printed version of it.

All these decisions will depend on the money we want to invest and what we want to achieve first.

If we think we are not so sure about what niche our book will target, we can have a test drive going for an e-book instead.

Marketing my self-published book

We can write a fantastic book but if nobody knows its existence it is like to run 10 miles in a circle we will never reach anywhere.

Today communication is very fast and the internet is still a powerful channel of communication. The internet will cease to exist in the way we know it, and it will not be noticed anymore because it is becoming part of our lives. Everything seems to have the tendency to be interconnected in a way or another to the Internet. Shortly we will even have our home appliances like our fridge, washing machine and oven may be connected to it.

So considering this idea it was created what we know today as e-marketing. When we talk about e-marketing, we go into a vast and great scenario of possibilities here to market our book online.

From a starting point where we create an audience for our work, we can access all kinds of marketing techniques online. As options like social media, we have Facebook and Twitter or even YouTube to market our book.

So with a very small budget but a huge basket of creativity and diversification we can effectively make our book known to the world.

We can also set up our website using open sourced content management system software (CMS). WordPress, Drupal or Joomla are very popular ones nowaday to build our space online and set our presence up on the internet and to market our book with it.

If we want to use CMS software to build our website but we are still not so sure which we can take a look in a helpful and fair comparison from the

For those of course not willing to invest time for learning WordPress, Drupal or Joomla we have other quick options for creating a website:





5)  1&1

6) Flavors me

7) Sidengo

If we are not sure yet which is the best option for us to build our website we can have some very good and comprehensive information on how to build our website from

One last option of building a website is to use website builders like:

1) Site builder

2) Website Builder

3) Sitey

4) ehost

Even a Great book needs someone or structure to sell it!

We can be the structure because we can make it happens with great ideas and a small budget. We do not need a multimillionaire marketing campaign to make our work well known around the World!

The Cost of Self-publishing

But at the end of the day how much I am going to spend with all of these depends on how much well informed I am about the best options for self-publishing and self-marketing I have out there. We can go to the popular quote “knowledge is power” and add “knowledge is time and time are life and life spent will never come back” to it. So from the day one we have made our decision for going self-publishing we always have to have in mind that trustable and reliable information is the starting point of our entire project, and if we have it, this information will save our time ahead and make our life more enjoyable. So let’s start it!!!

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