labyrinth 1013625 1920Although Self-Pushing is an art, a set of things it is business as well and as a business it needs to be addressed in the right way as it deserves.

Doing everything ourselves

When we, at least, try to do everything in the right way going to the best possible route to achieving our aims and aspirations we must always remember as a self-publisher we are a small press with one author if we decide to do everything without any other third part business involved in the publishing process.

Having this in mind we need to ask ourselves first:

Am I prepared to have a fantasy business name?

Am I prepared to run a licensed business?

Am I prepared to start and maintain a website?

Am I prepared to maintain a social media presence?

Do I agree to have a separated bank account for my small press?

Do I want to work on marketing my book at least once a day for the lifetime of my book?

But this can involve more money we need to spend on the initial investment and more time necessary to accomplish our goals.

On the other hand, this method has the advantage of making us have more control and freedom in our book looking.

Of course, we have other ways to do self-publishing using a third part company. But as we mentioned before we need to be very careful in choose this option.

Self-publishing using a pre-designed platform via a third part business

If we decide to spend less time in our publishing project, less investment and join a more automated publishing process that gives you a set of automated publishing tools plus the design, the registration, part of the marketing and distribution of the book we can find companies specialized in this kind of services.

The publishing process is not rocket science, but it is a process that sometimes needs some technical skills in a specific part of it as the creation of the book cover, book review, etc. And if we are not prepared for doing everything we still can use these platforms to help us. Of course, there are other ways, and we can hire someone to help us with the design and creation of the book cover for example. We can find specialized people that offer their services for a very good price like Fiverr,, and

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