darts 102919What we want is a crucial factor for the right publishing option for us, and it depends on totally in our objectives. Did I write the book thinking in selling a large amount of it? Do I want to be a bestseller? Or do I want just publish it for family and friends? Do I have a market already or will I have to start from the beginning and build up as I go with the book publishing process? Are we thinking to use self-publishing as a way to have a publishing contract with an agent later on?

We should focus in the best way to achieve what we want. In this equation, we need to take into consideration if we want self-publishing via ourselves or via an outsourced company that offers a broad of self-publishing services. But for the last option, we must have caution because we have many companies out there with false promises and gifts that by the end of the day can offer us just illusions and not a realistic path we can follow to the success.

We finally need, to be honest with ourselves and define what we want, and this is independent of how passionate we are about our creation and how much we love it. We must remember that to sell a book on the internet is not be rich from the night to the day, but it is a process that involves planning, determination, patience and strategy. We can even hit the jackpot with a book but the story is not always like that, and we must never give up. If we do not have good results with the first book, it could be the second or even the third. What it is really important here is we need to our book and efforts build up our audience and in doing this way can create a solid path that will lead us to our objectives.

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