books 1039985Today going for traditional publishing can become a task almost impossible to accomplish. The whole process normally starts when we lose endless time querying agents without any success. Most of the big publishers receive thousands of manuscripts to be published every month, and most of all these manuscripts are not even checked.

If you do not have at least 5000 twitters followers, 20.000 subscribers in your YouTube channel, you are not very popular on Facebook and do not talk to more than 3000 people a year in lectures for example probably you will not even get any attention at what you wrote from any traditional publisher. He will not even spend a few minutes just checking the index and some pages of your manuscript. IT will be returned or go to the straight trash away.

But what should I do? Why should I go for self-publishing?

We maybe can encounter some reasons to self-publishing, but there are some here that maybe can give us the motive to do so:

Higher Royalties

We can have higher royalties than if we go with other ways of publishing. If we publish using CreateSpace, it takes about 40% for a paperback sold. Publishing companies take more a less 85% and your agents get a big slice of what is left (around 12%). We have other ways of payment, like flat rates money in advance but at the end of the day, we are left with about enough money to pay the rent of a shoe box.

Have my timeline

We have to be a Zen Master in patience today to follow the traditional publishing timeline process. In real time we are talking about of months of querying agents, making and reviewing our query letter and looking more and more ahead for agents.

 Once we have an agent, then we have to find a publisher, and this process can take too much time and more patience.

With a publisher agreement, the timeline for a publishing traditional company is around two to three years. And over this entire scenario we are not guaranteed to have a great deal.

Even great talent successful writers most of them had their manuscript rejected several times before getting published. Time is not money but life because the money we can save, we can earn it but life not. Time does not come back so we cannot afford to lose our precious time in an endless process of traditional publishing.

It is very motivating to see our book printed in a few months after we finished it.

Have a control about your story, the design, price and format of your book

When we have an agreement with a publisher, we give away the rights of our book. It is quite possible the editor will make us change things in the book we do not want to change, and this includes the title of the book. On the other hand, if we hire our editor we are free to change or whatever we want if our book.

We can even create our book cover ourselves and decide which price will be the book in the market.

The Right Time

The World is changing and publishing is not the exception. One in three books sold in Amazon is self-published, and we do not have to be in a bookstore to have success.

We have many services today like Print-On-Demand and free eBook distribution to help us.

When we buy a book normally we are not interested in check if the book was self-published or not but we are interested to see if the book is good or not. If the book is fantastic who cares if it is self-published?

We do the Marketing, and we decide how, where and when to market our work.

In general, a publishing house is responsible for reviewing and marketing our work but when we go for self-publish the story is different.

We create our market plan according to our budget and our ideas and we decide where and how is the best way to market our idea or book.

We can go for social media marketing, or we can go for other routes, but the whole success depends on our decisions and what we want to achieve.

We believe in ourselves

When we believe in ourselves from the bottom of our hearts, and we live the feeling of success as it has already happened then, it absolutely will happen. But this needs to come from the bottom of our souls. This way of thinking follows the law of attraction and we end up make it happens if we believe.

At the end of the day, there are no absolutely answers. Sometimes what works for some it does not work for others, and it cannot be the best answer because goals differ, timelines differs and interests. What counts here is “We should never give up”. 

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