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The internet is a very strong tool for researching, entertainment and a gigantic database with the whole humanity knowledge and collective consciousness stored in it, but the World Wide Web will never replace books. Sitting in front of a computer will never replace the feeling of being in a comfort chair with a book in your hands and having the feeling of turning the pages of a good book.

We can carry e-book devices in our pocket that can contain hundreds of books in it, but that will never substitute the old way of having a printed book in your bag or even have them stored on a physical shelf in a library.

Another aspect is that most of the authors they prefer to see their work published as books although we can have the same book published as an e-book at the same time we have it printed.

Today, thousands of people do not read books anymore. They don’t read because the internet or the media itself. More and more they were taught to follow a dumbing down process implemented by our public schools that are in place by the system to manipulate our youth’s mind to become not thinkers but a working-class force that will be prepared to fill positions in companies or big corporations. But more and more parents are becoming aware of this problem, and now they are home-schooling their children and motivating them to read books.

Instead of replacing books, the internet is now becoming a distribution channel for books. We can see this situation when we go online to websites like Amazon or Barnes and Noble that sell books on a global scale. Also, the internet offers a much larger selection of books than is available in a single bookstore.

leaves 1076307lower But if we think it is much more interesting to go to those big bookstores where the reader can sit in a café read a book until closing time. These new big super bookshops now serve coffee and pastries, and now and then they hold live events promoted by authors like lectures about their new books. They are becoming a cultural reference in their communities.

The internet will never replace the great joy of browsing in an antiquarian bookstore where we can have a hundred years old book in our hands. Books actually can be a bridge to the past to all of those who had gone before us and left us their wisdom; their experiences wrote in a book. Books have the magic to bring the past to live through the words of those who lived in the past.

Books are also companions in a way that the Internet can never be, and researchers proved that the level of comprehension is higher in books than e-books. The author speaks to us directly through the pages.



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